Wednesday, August 17

jangan download bajakan & torrent


hehehe.. ada email dari direktur IT UNSW. saking banyak yang download bajakan kali yah…
dendanya itu loh, sampe 1000AUD. busyet dah.
jadi inget, waktu jaman kuliah, boro2 download yang macem2, ngenet untuk nyari materi kuliah/tugas aja koneksinya masih susah…


Access to the UNSW wireless and other networks is presently provided free of charge, under the responsible use requirements, to improve the student experience at UNSW. Over 40% of students use the wireless service regularly.

Unfortunately a number of students are choosing to use the UNSW network to illegally download copyright-infringing material such as movies, videos, music, games and software. These actions place both the University and the individual responsible at risk of litigation for copyright infringement.

During 2009 over 120 copyright infringement notices were served on the University, resulting in 90 students receiving penalties from the University including loss of wireless access for a session and fines of between $480 and $1,000. This level of illegal downloads is too high.

Students should be aware that most of the files available from Torrent sites are not legal copies, and that copyright agencies constantly monitor traffic on these sites and report illegal downloads to the University. Torrent clients should always be disabled when on campus.

My preference is for IT at UNSW to continue to improve the wireless service to students.
However, if the current levels of illegal downloads continue, I will be obliged to review student downloads and divert efforts into placing restrictions on the wireless network rather than improving it.


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