Saturday, August 20

My OS doesn’t need drivers

My friend said, “My OS doesn’t need driver, so it’s easier for me”

well, actually it still needs driver my friend.
The concept of “driver” is always present on any Operating System. 😉
However, the term which mention “driver” could be different in some products.
In the case of “driver is not needed”, actually the driver has been bundled in the OS itself, therefore it doesn’t need extra installation.

Usually, the hardware performance is better when it played by the OS made by the same company. well, this is a common sense.
Microsoft doesn’t sell hardware. nevertheless, windows OS is used widespread.
Thus, microsoft needs to bundled hardware drivers together with the OS in order to make it friendly.
That’s why a particular hardware that can’t be used by the current OS without installing the driver, might be able to plug and play on the next release.

Regarding hackintosh, of course it also needs driver. Nonetheless, you need to find out weather driver is bundled with or not.

hope this helps…

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