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Update the Webmin Tool to Manage the Solaris 10 OS Securely Over HTTPS

César Augusto Sánchez Baquero, August 2007

The Webmin server is an open source tool that enables system administrators to manage systems that run the Solaris Operating System, UNIX, or Linux using a web browser. You can access the server using HTTP or HTTPS. Webmin is included in the Solaris 10 OS; however, the version included is an old version with a default certificate.

If you update Webmin to the latest version, the HTTPS support doesn’t work unless you use the following steps.

1. Set up the Webmin server that is included with the Solaris 10 OS by executing the following command as root:


2. You can press ENTER to answer the two first questions, but for the third question, answer y:

Login name (default root):

Web server port (default 10000):

Use SSL?  [y,n,?,q] y

3. Access the Webmin server using a web browser by typing the address https://SERVER.IP.ADDRESS:10000.

4. Log in using the root user name and root password.

5. Create your own certificate:

  • Go the Webmin Configuration Option and then go to the SSL Encryption module.
  • In the Create Certificate option, fill in the form. In the Server Name field, put the server’s IP address.
  • Click Create Now.

6. Before updating Webmin to the latest version, copy the Perl files that support HTTPS and SSL encryption to the Perl library directory:

cd /usr/sfw/lib/webmin
cp -r perlmod/* /usr/perl5/5.8.4/lib/

7. Configure the proxy settings, if necessary. If you access the Internet through a proxy, set your proxy information in the Proxy Servers module of the Webmin Configuration menu.

8. Update Webmin to the latest version:

  • In the Webmin Configuration menu, select the Upgrade Webmin module.
  • Select the option Latest version from, and then click Update Webmin. You can also update the Webmin modules in the Update Modules option of this module.

Now you can manage your systems running the Solaris 10 OS with the latest version of Webmin in a secure fashion using HTTPS.

Configure webmin SMF after upgrade

to start webmin

# svcadm enable  svc:/application/management/webmin

to stop webmin

# svcadm disable  svc:/application/management/webmin

check webmin daemon log:

# tail -f /var/svc/log/application-management-webmin\:default.log

edit webmin configuration script:

# vi /var/svc/manifest/application/management/webmin.xml
 timeout_seconds='30' >

source: this link

short version of URL:

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