Thursday, August 18

Longest server uptime ever… 820 days

longest server uptime
longest server uptime

Ladies and gentlemen, may i introduce you the longest server uptime that is ever recorded by me, 820 days (around 2.2 years) and still counting. This screenshot was taken from one of Linux machine during my project here in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. Well, it seems like the machine is never been rebooted since its installed for the first time.

Here is the spec of the machine:

  • Hardware: Sun Microsystem X86
    • CPU: several core (i forgot how many core it has, looks like more than 6 cores)
    • RAM: 24GB ECC
    • Harddisk: RAID 1 SCSI for OS and data
    • NIC: multiple gigabit interfaces, configured with linux-bonding
  • Software:
    • OS: Linux SUSE enterprise 10
    • Main application: customised database software for telecommunication that is working with a cluster of 3 node. This server is one of the node. This database is the replacement of Oracle database on earlier version of the system. the database is not using the traditional relational database (like oracle database). instead, it uses LDAP for query and store the data.

This picture proves that Linux can be a very good machine if its supported by reliable hardware.

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