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Better control of hardware (calibration on apple’s product)

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right, so apple doesn't produce any printers. it just the manufactures provide drivers for mac. my friend said, "Apple is good at calibration, their WYSIWYG is better because they've bundled the driver together with the OS" Well, i don't think this is true. This is simply because of the performance of the driver itself related to the output device, regardless the bundling issue. Apple produce hardwares, and those hardwares have display right? eg. laptops, and gadgets This means they have better control for what will be displayed on the monitor. Therefore, Apple could be able to adjust its screen close to what it prints.

My OS doesn’t need drivers

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My friend said, "My OS doesn't need driver, so it's easier for me" well, actually it still needs driver my friend. The concept of "driver" is always present on any Operating System. ;-) However, the term which mention "driver" could be different in some products. In the case of "driver is not needed", actually the driver has been bundled in the OS itself, therefore it doesn't need extra installation. Usually, the hardware performance is better when it played by the OS made by the same company. well, this is a common sense. Microsoft doesn't sell hardware. nevertheless, windows OS is used widespread. Thus, microsoft needs to bundled hardware drivers together with the OS in order to make it friendly. That's why a particular hardware that can't be used by the current OS without in...

opensolaris x86 fast reboot

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ini adalah salah satu materi yang dipresentasikan pada kernel conference australia dibrisbane. dibawakan oleh sherry q moore, salah satu kernel developer dari sun microsystem. cewek bo! tumben ada‚Ķ Q: kenapa OS perlu reboot? - karena adanya patches/update. reboot diperlukan supaya patch/update tersebut bisa dijalankan dengan baik. ini adalah alasan yang paling sering dari vendor OS/apllication untuk merestart mesin. mis: microsoft, ubuntu, sun. - OS overload/crash/hang. - untuk mengganti/upgrade hardware. meskipun untuk server2 gede (mis: sunfire) ada fasilitas untuk mereplace hardware tanpa mematikan mesin. (more…)

Hardware saya kedetect Solaris ga sih?

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Sering kita dengar pertanyaan berikut: "hardware xxx apakah sudah dipakai di solaris?" "Kalo pake solaris, ntar hardware saya kedetect g yah?" "saya sudah install solaris, kenapa suaranya hilang?" "payah ni, udah capek2 install, ternyata belom di support" Pertanyaan diatas adalah pertanyaan yang sering diajukan oleh para newbie. Sun Microsystem sebagai pembuat Solaris/Opensolaris sudah pasti mikirin pertanyaan ini dengan membuat tools untuk mengecek apakah hardware anda sudah disupport solaris atau belum. Dari sisi user, tools ini sangat bermanfaat sehingga kita tidak perlu buang waktu untuk trial and error. Artikel dapat diakses disini: Achmad-Hardware saya kedetect Solaris ga sih